Skills Audit:
Skills audit is a very good exercise in terms of personal analysis. It helps a lot in understanding what are the positives and negatives of oneself. For me, I would say that, by doing the Skills Audit, I understood my own strengths and weakness. The qualities or skills that were present in the skills audit was on the whole which makes a good entrepreneur. It was when I started doing the audit, I realized for myself who I am, What am I good at and what are the skills I need to develop in order to become a successful individual in this competitive world. Also, thinking of the way to develop the skill that is lacking or is deficit is something that really helps because, by analyzing and also finding a way to enhance ourselves will surely be a right way because its always us who knows what we want and what will be good for us better than other person telling it. Thus, on the whole, Skills Audit was a very good platform to realize and recognize what am I as an individual and what do I have to do to make myself a better individual.

Literature review:
The experience of writing a literature review was new and energizing as it is always when working in a group. This helped in understanding and knowing the different views and opinions of different individuals. Also it gave a new insight of how a situation or a detail can be analysed from different points of views and angles. Working as a group, responsibility, time management, communication skills and the quality of interpretation and innovation enhanced in everyone of us. Also by answering to a specific research question, the ability to focus and to distinguish between what information is needed and what is not was improved. Also this enabled us in understanding the importance given to analyse intricate details from the data available in order to come to a valid conclusion. On the whole, Literature review was not just helpful in understanding what is in the literature but also helped in improving our own skills and knowledge.

Data Analysis:
Analyzing a data is a very crucial and an important task in any work. Collecting the data is not just the whole process, but analyzing and evaluating the data in a effective way is essential to summarize and to provide a perfect result. The data analysis assignment helped in understanding the different factors involved in managing a business, be it a coffee shop or a big industry. There are numerous factors which needs to be understood and examined in order to know whether a new firm or a shop will be successful or not. The data analysis done to understand whether the new coffee shop will be a success or not helped in understanding the different aspects in which a situation should be analysed and also helped in understanding the importance of large scale and small scale issues related to the situation.